Meraluna Logo 10 .-11. August 2019 Hildesheim
Get ready for your second year at M'era Luna Academy! We've got loads of new Workshops and learnings for you. How's the best way to dye your hair, what is Voodoo all about, how do I express my inner self, how are the sound effects in movies made? It's gonna get interesting again!

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Lecture: Voodoo – The secrets of the religion

The origin of the syncretic religion lies in West Africa - today there are about 60 million adherents worldwide. But what exactly is Voodoo, named Vodun in West Africa actually? There is no one who is able to answer this question better than the ethnologist, photographer and founder of the SOUL OF AFRICA museum in Essen, Henning Christoph. For more than 50 years, Henning is concentrating on Africa in particular intensively focused on Vodun for 30 years. He gained access to Vodun through his friend Sossa Guedehoungue, the "pope" of all Vodun priests. Christoph received the honorary title of "Chronicler of the Vodun" from Sossa at a celebration in 1994.

Dye your Hair Workshop – Colored by Attitude Holland

All along you wanted to try a new hair color, but you didn't dare to give it a try?! Our team of experienced stylists offers you individual counselling and provides you the opportunity to color a test strand. In this workshop, you will also learn the best DIY techniques - thank to Attitude Holland all this is possible. Of course, you have the possibility to buy your favorite color directly on site.

The Festival is your Catwalk

Actually, the whole M'era Luna is your catwalk! Nonetheless, all along you wanted to get on the catwalk and learn to move like the professionals on the runway? In this case our Catwalk Workshop is exactly what you are looking for. Saskia Kiselowa teaches you the basics of self-presentation on the catwalk and shares incidentally quite a lot more knowledge and experience. We have selected a lot of outfits for you by our partner Attitude Holland, however you are also very welcome to join the workshop wearing your own outfit.

The sound of movie

What would a movie be like without its sound? Without the noise of a chainsaw, the fearful breathing in the dark, the sound of water dripping from the ceiling...or is it blood after all? The foley artist Peter Sandmann shows you how to create the appropriate sounds to support the images of a movie in the best possible way with empathy, experience, versatility, sharp hearing and not least by the use of countless personal props. After this workshop, you will find yourself watching and listening to a movie very differently and having a totally new experience.

InnerSelf - How To Show Your Beauty To The World

Everybody is beautiful. This workshop offers you the opportunity to learn how to capture your inner beauty and perpetuate it in a photo. The professional photographer provides you with tipps, support and encourages you to stage yourself in front of the camera. Dress up in your favourite outfit and let your inner beauty shine.

MakeUp Your World - powered by ROSSMANN

You are seeking for the ultimate finish and final touch of your make-up? Your friend accomplishes a cosmetic masterpeice in only a few hours in front of the mirror and you ask yourself for a long time how it's done? In that case "MakeUp Your World - powered by ROSSMANN" is just right for you! Dae Joo, make-Up artist and model, and her team will show you how to add even more glamour to your anchanting faces, quickly and with cosmetic products of your daily use.

Express Yourself!

Everyone of you has something to say - with her or his very own voice. Speaking about love, life, news from all over the world or the world's history. We set up the stage - you create the content! Lady Amaranth and Daria Tessa Segeda helfen will give you a hand in presenting your thoughts to the public audience. Our experienced coach will support, encourage and guide you. Your presentation on stage is public: Open the doors , switch on the mic and tell us about what you stand for!