Meraluna Logo 08 .-09. August 2020 Hildesheim
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My tent has already been pitched!

Do you want to travel to M'era Lunacompletely relaxed - without any hurry or stress? Do you want to enter the M'era Luna and its campground without having any own camping equipment? The service of mein-zelt-steht-schon makes it possible! You order tents and accessories very easily and it'll be built up for you. You only have to move in and start to party!



What is it?

Your ticket for the festival weekend. Our Festival Pass does not only include access to the stage program, but also to our regular campsite, where you will find our medieval market. You bring your own tent and you look for your own place yourself after you got the festival wristband. Anything you are allowed to bring to the campsite can be found here.

Looking for an Upgrade?

You have already bought a festival pass but would like to expand your festival experience? Have a look at our many different camping options.


Become a M’era Luna Ambassador

Become a M’era Luna Ambassador…
…and get the chance to receive free tickets, exclusive merchandise and other limited goodies! You are probably asking yourself right now: What do I have to do? Well, it is really simple: Sign up as an official festival ambassador and convince your friends to get tickets for M’era Luna. You will gain points for each ticket sold which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards.

Sell 8 tickets and get one ticket for free! 
Sounds great, right? Sign up us an ambassador and earn free tickets, merchandise or other limited goodies for brining your friends to the festival. There’s even the chance to get a Golden Ticket which will grant you lifelong access to the festival for the most successful ambassadors among you!

How does this work?
You will receive points for each ticket you sell to your friends. The points can be redeemed for exclusive rewards which will improve the festival experience for you and your friends. Here are some examples:
  • Sell 3 tickets and receive a Disco-Flatrate!
  • Sell 8 tickets and get one festival ticket for free!
  • Sell 12 tickets and experience a show from the main stage!
  • Sell 15 tickets and get the chance to meet & greet a band backstage!
  • Sell 20 tickets and we will invite you and your companion for dinner at our artist catering!
  • Sell 75 tickets and receive the Golden Ticket which will guarantee you lifelong access to M’era Luna!

Count me in!

Click HERE to sign up as an ambassador. As soon as you are signed up our Community Manager will welcome you and answer all your questions.

You are already an ambassador?
In this case you can click HERE and start to earn points right away!