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Ticket exchange

Do I get one shirt per booking or one shirt per ticket?

With each transferred festival ticket (valid for all days), transferred before 27.07.2020 you’ll get one free supporter shirt.

Do I need to send you guys my original tickets if I want to have them transferred into tickets for M'era Luna Festival 2021?

No, you only need to complete the appropriate steps on our ticket platform.
Once you have done that, we will take over the next steps for you. Of course, very importantly: you need to keep your ticket somewhere safe because you will need it next year! :)

What is the latest date I can transfer my tickets to the 2021 M'era Luna Festival?

We ask that you update your information on the ticket platform by 26.07.2020.

Can I transfer my regular festival ticket to a “Green Camping” ticket?

Please be advised that at the moment it’s only possible to transfer your festival ticket from 2020 to the exact same festival ticket for 2021. If there are any further questions AFTER you transferred your ticket, regarding an exchange of products or the like, please contact us at

What about fees and postage costs?

Should you decide to transfer your tickets to M'era Luna Festival 2021, there will be no further costs to you. 

Will my booked 100sqm area be transferred too? (Camping Claim)

Of course – additional products like Camping Claim can also be transferred to 2021. You’ll find this option on our ticket platform at “additional products”.

Can I buy a supporter shirt?

Our supporter shirt was exclusively available for everyone who transfers their ticket to 2021 until 26.07.2020.

I transferred my tickets to M’era Luna Festival 2021 before 27.07.2020. How long will it take for my T-shirt (s) to arrive?

Because of the Covid-19 we cannot give a 100% guaranteed answer - but we are optimizing our shirt folding skills and we’re giving it our all. However, it could take up to 12 weeks until your shirt(s) arrive in your mailbox. We therefore ask you for your patience.

Will I get new tickets sent to me if I transfer them to M'era Luna Festival 2021?

No, you will not get new tickets.
ATTENTION: your tickets are only valid for M'era Luna Festival 2021 after you have used the ticket platform to transfer them!

I collect the tickets and I would like to have one with the 2021 motif. Is that possible?

We are confident that we can add to your collection. In what form (how, what, when) we will announce at a later date.

There’s an error message every time I try to exchange my ticket – what can I do?

There can be errors regarding our ticket platform (mainly when using Safari browser). Please try again here. You could also try using a different browser.