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What are my options due to the cancellation of the 2020 M'era Luna Festival?

You are definitely entitled to a refund.  

The following options are currently available to you:

  • You can transfer your tickets to the 2021 M'era Luna Festival. 
  • You can return your tickets and be issued a voucher for the amount of your respective ticket price, including the pre-booking fee. This can be used for almost any event currently available for advance booking at and at the websites of our festivals.
  • You can return your tickets and get your money back, minus the amount of 10€ per festival pass, which will be donated in full to our partner Viva con Agua.

Please think carefully about which option is right for you. Changing your selection after the fact will not possible. Are you still looking for reasons to hold on to your tickets for the 2021 M'era Luna Festival?

  • We definitely don’t want to celebrate without you next year!  
  • The coolest bands are going to be there! What about you?
  • Are you going to miss out on the vacation of the year with your crew?
  • Who is going to drink all the beer?

Okay, now that that’s sorted - what do I have to do?

In order to have your tickets transferred to M'era Luna Festival 2021, or to select one of the other options, you just have to enter some information into our ticket platform.

What information should I have at hand in order to easily check through the ticket platform?

  • Ticket number(s)
  • Booking number (only necessary if you booked additional products e.g. caravan tickets)
  • Address
  • Bank details (only necessary for option 3)

I always get an error notification while using the ticket platform. Help.

Please try again here or try using another browser.

When will the M'era Luna Festival take place next year?

M’era Luna Festival 2021 will take place 7th – 8th August 2021.


I won my tickets from a sweepstakes. Will they be transferred to 2021?

Did you win hard-tickets? If so, you will be able to use the ticket platform.

Did you win tickets, but received a confirmation mail? We’ll take care of the transfer for you automatically. You don’t need to do anything. We’ll send you an email with all the information included.

I won tickets in a sweepstakes. Can I also get a voucher or receive a payout?

No sorry, this is not permitted.

I bought my tickets offline at a booking office. Can I use one of the three options there?

No. For these tickets please also use our ticket platform where you can get your tickets transferred to the 2021 M'era Luna Festival, exchange them for a voucher, or request a refund for the respective ticket price.

I don’t have hard-tickets. I have tickets from CTS Eventim!

No problem. These tickets can also be processed on our ticket platform.

What about the caravan and trailer park stickers?

You can also use our ticket platform to easily transfer these.

What about upgrades?

You can also use our ticket platform to easily transfer these.

What about ambassador tickets?

You can also use our ticket platform to easily transfer these.

I’ve already paid for my ticket but haven’t received any yet – what can I do know?

If you’ve already ordered and paid for your M’era Luna Festival 2020 ticket but haven’t received anything yet please contact us at If you’ve already sent us a message, please bear with us. We will respond to everyone.

Does the ticket buyer have to exchange the tickets or can ticket holders do it themselves?

Each ticket holder can exchange their tickets themselves. You only need your ticket and ticket number. However, if you want to exchange any additional products you do need your booking number as well.

I don’t know my booking number – what can I do now?

You only need your booking number if you want to exchange additional products e.g. caravan tickets. If you don’t have your booking number (anymore), please contact us at

I booked accommodations - what about those?

For the resort: you can easily use our ticket platform to transfer these accommodations. From please contact the provider directly. A transfer to the 2021 M'era Luna Festival is also possible without any problem.

I booked a hotel room, flight, train or bus ticket for the 2020 M'era Luna Festival. Will I get my money back?

Please contact the appropriate respective service providers directly to find out what the best options for you are.

I want to not only exchange my ticket but also purchase more tickets for the 2021 M'era Luna Festival. Can I do this now?

Unfortunately, you have to be patient to buy more tickets until we open the regular pre-booking for the M'era Luna Festival 2021.

What can I do to support you guys?

Transfer your tickets and party with us at the M'era Luna Festival 2021! You will not only be supporting your favorite festival during these difficult times, but the event industry as a whole.

What will happen to the 1€ donation for arrival and departure at Atmosfair?

The donation that you may have made as part of your ticket purchase for the M'era Luna Festival 2020 was passed on to Atmosfair. The non-profit organization is grateful for your support with which you have contributed to effective climate protection through CO₂ compensation.

I successfully filled out everything on the ticket platform. Will I get a confirmation?

Yes, after successfully entering your information on the ticket platform, you will receive a confirmation mail. Please also check your spam inbox.

When does the normal pre-booking for the 2021 M'era Luna Festival start?

The remaining tickets for the 2021 M´era Luna Festival will go on sale on 07.08.2020.

What is the current line up for the M'era Luna Festival 2021?

Its awesome! Check it out here!

How much do tickets for the M'era Luna Festival 2021 cost?

In certain circumstances ticket prices for the M'era Luna Festival 2021 may be higher.

Why is everything taking as long as it is?

The transferal to M'era Luna Festival 2021 or the issuance of a voucher, as well as monetary reimbursement, are subject to change. This means we check your information for accuracy and reserve the right to not issue a voucher or to transfer money back to you until we have received your documents by mail and subsequently review them.

I got my tickets through more expensive third parties. How much money do I get back now?

The basis for any refund is the price printed on the original ticket, not the price you may have paid through third-party providers such as eBay, etc. We recommend you buying your tickets only via our official platforms in the future.

Further questions

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