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Money Back

Do I really need to send you my original tickets if I want to have my money back?

Yes, you do - and ideally immediately after you have gone through our ticket platform - because at the very end, a return slip is generated automatically, which you simply have to print out. You should also absolutely make a copy of the front and back of your ticket for yourself for your records.

What is the latest date I can get a refund?

We ask that you make your decision and enter it into the platform at the latest by 26.07.2020 so we can begin processing them quickly.

How long do I have to send the tickets back?

We recommend doing this as quickly as possible after you have completed your details on the ticket platform. The later you provide your information, the more time we need to process.
Therefore it is advisable that you complete the processes speedily.

What is the best way to send in my original tickets?

We highly recommend sending the original tickets with registered post - on the ticket platform we provide you with a return slip. You can also send us the original tickets without postal insurance, however it would be extremely unfortunate for you if the package is lost in the mail. We do not reimburse for the cost of postage.

How long will it take before I get the money transferred back to me?

Because we have to double-check all the data, it could take up to 12 weeks before the money transfer is made. However, it is a prerequisite that your details have been entered correctly on the ticket platform and that we have received the original tickets by post, otherwise you may have to wait longer. We therefore ask for your patience.

Will additional products be redeemed entirely or will a certain amount be donated?

You’ll get a full refund for additional products.

What about fees and postage costs?

With the voluntary reimbursement including advance booking fee, we make a deduction of € 10 per festival pass. FKP Scorpio is donating the full amount remaining from the retention at FKP Scorpio to our charity partner Viva con Agua for worldwide water projects. Your tickets will be returned to us at your own expense. Please note that the exchange of the tickets into a voucher takes place without deduction of this contribution, and you get a higher total value.