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The Beautiful Faces of M'era Luna

26.11.2015 Let’s be honest: Every open air festival on this planet has its fair share of common key figures compared to other events. You’ll most likely encounter figures like the size of a festivalsite, the number of stages and the total length of the cabels used to keep it all running. But there’s one factor which makes the M’era Luna festival quite unique amongst all other festivals and it’s most certainly something which the festival can be proud of: Their visitors!

Each year in August the M’era Luna transforms into an enclave where the masks, duties and social restraints of the daily-life can be put aside and offer the chance for your true self to breathe freely. It’s the time of elaborate elegance, the longing for passionate, dark music and the personal experience, declaimed by like-minded persons to like-minded persons. Each outfit is the expression of the soul, each make-up sums up the very own creativity and each face represents a door to a world with countless stories! And that’s what “The Beautiful Faces of M'era Luna” is all about.

We will present these faces and portraits on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in the upcoming weeks and as we are highly delighted to welcome so many extraordinary guests from all over the world, we will continue to portray more attendees at the upcoming edition of the M’era Luna Festival to show the world what makes the festival so special: You!

The dark scene will meet again in Hildesheim-Drispenstedt from 13th – 14th August 2016! Get your tickets now for M’era Luna 2016:

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