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M'era Luna 2021: status quo

27.01.2021 Dear family,
like everyone in this country and almost everywhere in the world, you are looking into an uncertain future that will also cast its shadow on cultural life in 2021. Since we are in the same situation and always strive for the greatest possible openness and transparency, we would like to give you an honest update on our plans for the festival summer 2021, right at the beginning of the year.

Let's start with the two things that we are quite sure of: First, we do everything we can to ensure that culture is possible as soon and really safely as possible. And secondly, no matter how things will develop, we will always find good solutions that will satisfy you - as our guests and friends.

All the planning for M’era Luna 2021 has been going on for months, and our artists are looking forward to their first live gigs just as much as you and us do. Will everything be the same as always in the future? No. If there will be live culture in 2021, it will most likely only be subject to conditions that effectively protect everyone involved. By the way, we have been working for a long time in an industry-wide task force, accompanied by experts, on a nationwide coordinated hygiene and infection protection concept that offers a safe framework and should make larger open-air events possible again as quickly and responsibly as possible.

At the same time, the further course of the pandemic, the progress of the vaccination and the political decisions based on it are currently impossible to assess, which we still fully understand - safety comes first! This is precisely why we work tirelessly to create clarity as quickly as possible in the dialogue with politicians and other parties involved.

We'll keep you up to date. Until then, stay healthy - we miss you like crazy!

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