Meraluna Logo 07 .-08. August 2021 Hildesheim
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Aside of the stafges there's a lot of stuff going on:

PyroHex Performance Group
Check out their opulent fireshow:

Sat night, 08.08.15 – 02.00  Disco Hangar
Sun night, 09.08.15 – 00.30 Main Entrance
Sun night, 09.08.15 – 02.00 Disco Hangar
Sun, 09.08.15 – 10.45 Main Entrance

You can write postcards to your beloved ones at the info station. There are various card motives available

Medieval Market
Of course the gates of our medieval market will open again on friday night, so there's nothing in the way between you and extratasty food, jugglery and fine handcrafts. And mead. Don't forget the mead!

Gothic Fashion Town & Gothic Fashion Show
Don' miss our gothic fashion show on Friday (4:30pm + 7:05pm) where splendid fashion labels like AMATORIS LATEX-COUTURE, BERTOLDINI GIULIANA, BODYARTDESIGN feat. SLACKS FASHION, KINKY RINGS and LILY CUT will showcase their collections.
For the ones in the mood for shopping amongst you there is the noble Gothic Fashion Town, where fine handcrafts and lingerie are being offered.

Signing Sessions
Our friends from Sonic Seducer Magazine arranged some signing sessions for you:

14:00 Saltatio Mortis
15:00 The Other
17:00 Suicide Commando
18:00 Lord Of The Lost
20:00 Ost+Front

14:00 Unzucht
15:00 Anne Clark
16:00 Mono Inc.
17:00 Joachim Witt
18:00 Nightwish
19:00 Apoptygma Berzerk

*subject to changes


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