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Meraluna Logo 11 .-12. August 2018 Hildesheim

The Beautiful Faces of M'era Luna

Let’s be honest: Every open air festival on this planet has its fair share of common key figures compared to other events. You’ll most likely encounter figures like the size of a... » more

M'era Luna calendar 2016 available!

You should consider ordering more than one ticket, because you'll get the official M'era Luna calendar 2015 for free, as long as you order tickets in the shop on our website. You also can buy that... » more

Vote for us at the 2015 Eurpoean Festival Awards!

Woweeeee - we've been nominated "Best Medium Sized Festival" in the 2015 Eurpoean Festival Awards! If you've had a good time at #highfield15, give us a vote: Vote now >> » more

Gothic Garden: early bird is ending soon!

Attention, dear friends of a certain convenience: our early bird-phase for our Gothic Garden resorts Phobos & Ganymed is ending tomorrow at 10am. Be quick! » more

M'era Luna 2016: Welcome to the Gothic Garden

After a successful start at the M’era Luna Festival 2015 we proudly present you the The Gothic Garden in 2016!   The Gothic Garden, an oasis of calm right in front of the festival... » more