Meraluna Logo 10 .-11. August 2019 Hildesheim

PLAGE NOIRE unveils the next chapter!

Before you lock the door behind you and start the yourney to #mera18 - hear ye: Plage Noire unveils the next chapter of the saga and is very looking forward to its exquisite soundtrack by... » more

Tickets available on site at M'era Luna Festival

Dear friends of darkness, the weather forecast predicts us a fantastic festival weekend with a lot of sun, pleasant temperatures and a couple of rain drops which are not worth mentioning. In case... » more

#mera18 Livestream

To all our friends from abroad and those who have to stay at home: We are happy to confirm that this year's M'era Luna Festival will stream selected live shows via  on... » more

THE PRODIGY complete our Line Up!

Yes, dear friends - we're complete! And not just that, our #mera18 Line Up will be ccrowned by a visit of Britains Firestarters and Breakbeat visionaries  THE PRODIGY! Following their... » more

The Beautiful Faces Of M'era Luna| Pt. 3

Imagine a festival, wher you don't need to pretend. You peel of the dress of everyday and put on the real You, together with thousands of others who know the real meaning of the colour black. You... » more