Meraluna Logo 08 .-09. August 2020 Hildesheim

Sunday, I'm in love!

Fresh at work, dear people: day two of #mera19 is ahead of us and it not only holds many breathtaking concerts, but also some surprises... Why not think about next year already? The Pre-sale for... » more

Once upon a saturday

If M'era Luna was a delicate elixir of life, we would already have a whole bottle full of it already! You were ready to get carried away and you took part: from the first tone at our M'era Luna... » more

And so it begins...

Good morning, dear black souls! The first concert day is ahead of us and with it a wonderful time of darkness! Are you ready? Okay, let's get started with some info: We need the "saying of the... » more

We keep an eye on the weather for you!

We keep an eye on the weather! Our meteorologists told us, that smal rain showers are possible. It might get a little windy, so secure your camp, close the tents and take a rain jacket with you. » more

#mera19 Videostream

Dry your tears, dear homestayers: ARTE Concert and NDR are streaming a lot of concerts here on! Confirmed: Stahlmann | MONO INC. | LacrimosaOfficial | Combichrist | Joachim Witt |... » more