Meraluna Logo 07 .-08. August 2021 Hildesheim

Weather-update: Saturday

Dear Friends, we’ve got a little update for you: - The parking-, campervan-area is still far too wet to be used as planned. All approaching guests are ordered to travel to the... » more

The Plage Noire is back

THE FIRST ARTISTS FOR PLAGE NOIRE 2018 HAVE ALREADY CONFIRMED THEIR ATTENDANCE! The gothic-novel rocker ASP, the alternative-electronic-act VNV Nation, the medieval rockers Subway To Sally and... » more

#mera17 is SOLD OUT!

And there we go - #mera17 is sold out! There are no more Combitickets available, day tickets for Saturday and sunday can still be purchased. See ya! » more

Ticketcountdwon: just 5000 Tickets left!

Dearest friends, we're heading straight towards #SoldOut! So don't hesitate to buy your ticket now! » more

Timetable, Fashion, Medieval Market

It's just 38 days until M'era Luna Festival 2017 opens its doors. Time for us to publish the timetable and a bunch of other things, besides the availability of day tickets, you should know:... » more