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Meraluna Logo 11 .-12. August 2018 Hildesheim

It's on: first announcements for 2018

It's time for some news, dear friends. Topo long have you all been waiting for our first wave of artists for 2018, but the wait is over now! Please welcome: Eisbrecher Front 242 | In... » more

The official #mera17 aftermovie is out!

Everything is black! once more we open Pandora’s Box. We open the gates to the dark depths in which the joyful maelstrom of music, extravagance, culinary art, sensuality and excess merge into... » more

See the highlights of #mera17 in the NDR media library

Dear friends of darkness, the whole highlights-programme of NDR is now available in their media library. WATCH IT HERE >> » more

Presale for 2018 has begun!

Friends of the night - New Moon tickets for 89 € incl. 5 € garbage deposit and fees are available now. The campervan reservation costs 15 € and the first of the Gothic Garden... » more

Save the date: #mera18 | 11. + 12. August 2018

Dear friends, the #mera18 will take place in Hildesheim-Drispenstedt on August 11th + 12th, 2018. Pre-sale kicks off on Monday, August 14th, 6pm CET with our stricly limited 666-tickets which will... » more