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My tent has already been pitched!

Do you want to travel to M'era Lunacompletely relaxed - without any hurry or stress? Do you want to enter the M'era Luna and its campground without having any own camping equipment? The service of mein-zelt-steht-schon makes it possible! You order tents and accessories very easily and it'll be built up for you. You only have to move in and start to party!



General Information

Camping is possible only with the M'era Luna Festivalticket (3 days incl. camping). The campsite and the wristband-issuing point are open from Friday 11 a.m. until Monday 10 a.m..

Please observe the sleeping hours between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.

You have various accommodation options at M'era Luna Festival. You will find an overview under “RESIDENCE”.

...disposal – the mobile waste deposit
Save yourself from going to the recycling station and receive your waste deposit directly from the refuse collectors! Our tractors, 4x4 flatbed trucks and quads go around the whole grounds all day from Friday to Monday, and will collect your waste. So: “Make way and give us your rubbish!” Make sure you'll take your original festival ticket with you to get your deposit back.

...islands – Give us your rubbish!
All across the grounds we will give you the opportunity to dispose of your waste comfortably nearby. To this end, we will set up more than 20 waste islands on the festival grounds. So, one again: “Give us your rubbish!”

The sanitary facilities on the campsites have showers and flushing toilets. In addition, mobile toilets are also available. You will find the locations of the sanitary facilities on the site map. The use of all sanitary facilities on the campsite and festival grounds is free of charge.

In recent years we have noticed that many visitors leave food behind on the campsite when they depart. This year, for the sixth time, there will be a collection point for tinned food.

We would be happy if you could place any excess tinned food into one of the containers provided. The food collected will then be donated to a local charity (Tafel e.V.), which will distribute the foody among the needy.
Please note that Tafel e.V. may accept only preserved, sealed foodstuffs.

Camper vans / Caravans

Camper vans, caravans and self-designed sleeping vehicles require a camper sticker in order to gain access to the separate caravan campsite. This forgery-proof sticker can be bought in advance only online via this site or by telephone from FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH 01806 - 853 653 (0.20 €/per call from a fixed line, mobile charges max. 0.60 €/per call).

A camper van is a vehicle that provides fixed sleeping and living space in accordance with the number of passengers in the vehicle.

A caravan is a trailer that is permitted on public roads, which provides fixed sleeping and living space in accordance with the number of passengers in the drawing vehicle. 

A nine-seater with 9 passengers, combis such as a Passat, Laguna, etc. with more than 2 passengers, VW Polos, etc.

Combis with two persons and the requisite fittings (where applicable, also temporary), car with caravan, car with a trailer containing the requisite fittings (where applicable, also temporary).

ONE awning or ONE pagoda is allowed on the camper van. Small or large tents with additional sleeping space are not permitted. Security will check compliance with this rule strictly, in order to guarantee sufficient space for all camper sticker holders. The total length of the vehicles is limited to 11 metres and the permitted weight is restricted to 3.5 t. In the case of a caravan, the drawing vehicle must be attached to the caravan the whole time, in order to be able to manoeuvre at any time.

Due to the limited number of caravan spaces at the festival, we can offer maximal 1 camper sticker per 2 festival tickets purchased. We ask for your understanding.


Since it is not possible to check the camper van when the ticket is being purchased, we reserve the right to refuse access to vehicles to the intended space if they do not comply with the above rules. The cost of the purchase camper sticker will not be refunded in such a case.


Motorbike riders may use the caravan spaces free of charge (i.e. may park their bike next to their tent) but will also need a camper sticker which needs to be ordered before the event.

Hoch much camping space may I use?

To ensure that all visitors find enough space on the campsite, we ask you not to exceed am maximum of 5 square meters per person. Here is a small demonstrative example: 10 square meters correspond to the need for a comfortable two-person tent plus canopy and two camping chairs.